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'General' Commands
Command & Usage Description
About - !about Shows bot information
Prefix - !prefix Shows the current bot prefix
Premium - !premium Shows info on FifaBot Premium
Redeem - !redeem [code] Redeem your FifaBot Premium premium code
Rules - !rules Sends bot rules
Socials - !socials Sends MattHDGamer's Socials
Suggest - !suggest [suggestion] Sends a server suggestion
Time - !time [timezone] Shows the time for a specific timezone
'Fun' Commands
Command & Usage Description
8ball - !8ball [question] Sends a message back on a question
Avatar - !avatar [optional: user] Shows a users avatar
Beans - !beans Sends a beans meme from reddit
Custom Embed - !ce [options] Build a custom embed
Device - !device [optional: user] Checks the users status
Dub - !dub Sends a dub meme from FifaBot API™
Meme - !meme Sends a meme from reddit
Role Info - !roleinfo [role] Shows information on a role
Server Info - !serverinfo Get the server info
Set Bio - !setbio [bio] Sets a users bio shown in !userinfo
Translate - !translate [language to] [query] Translate a phrase to another language
Userinfo - !userinfo [optional: user] Shows information on a user
Player - !player [player name] Searches for a player on futbin
Tax - !tax [price] Accumulates money you'd earn and lose from a fifa sale
'Server Custom' Commands
Command & Usage Description
Autorole - !autorole Pre command for autoroles
Disable - disable [command] Disables a command
Enable - !enable [command] Enables a command
Level Roles - !levelroles Levelrole pre command
Level Role Setup - !levelrolesetup Sets up level roles
Set Prefix - !setprefix [prefix] Sets the guild prefix
Set Suggest Channel - !setsuggestch [channel] Set the suggestion channel
Log - !log Main log control command
Set Log Channel - !setlog [channel] Sets the log for the guild
'Shop' Commands
Command & Usage Description
Buy - !buy Pre-Command to buy a shop item
Packs - !packs Shows different shop packs
Role - !role Shows the role shop
Shop - !shop Shows the item shop for the server
'Mini Game' Commands
Command & Usage Description
Dice Roll - !diceroll Try your luck at dice
Rock, Paper, Scissors - !rps Try your luck at rock, paper, scissors
Slots - !slots Try your luck at slots
'Economy' Commands
Command & Usage Description
Balance - !bal [optional: user] Shows a users balance
Bonus - !bonus Shows information on getting a bonus
Daily - !daily Gives a user their daily allowance of coins
Deposit - !deposit [amount] Deposits money into the bank
Items - !items Shows your inventory
Job - !job View the available jobs, their requirements, and their pay. Job pre command.
Leaderboard - !lb Shows the top 10 users for level, then by coins
Pay - !pay [amount] [user] Pays a user coins from your bank
Stats - !stats Shows the economy stats
Steal - !steal Steals from a user
Withdraw - !with [amount] Withdraws money from the bank
Work - !work Get your paycheck for working
'Moderation' Commands
Command & Usage Description
Ban - !ban [user] [reason] Bans the specified member
Delwarn - !delwarn [id] Deletes a specified warn
Kick - !kick [user] [reason] Kicks the specified member
Mute - !mute [user] [time: soon] [reason] Mutes the specified member
Purge - !purge [amount] Purges the specified amount of messages
Raidmode - !raidmode Pre-Command for raidmode
Set Mod Log Channel - !setmodlog [channel] Sets the modlog for the guild
Unmute - !unmute [user] [reason] Un-mutes the specified member
Warn - !warn [user] [reason] Warns the specified member
Warns - !warns [user: optional] Shows a users warns
'Music' Commands **Premium
Command & Usage Description
Disconnect - !disconnect Disconnects the player from the voice channel and clears its queue
Loop - !loop Loops the current song
Lyrics - !lyrics [song] Shows the lyrics for a song
Now Playing - !nowplaying Shows some info about the currently playing song
Pause - !pause Pauses/Resumes the current track
Play - !play [query] Searches and plays a song from a given query
Queue - !queue Shows the player's queue
Remove - !remove [index] Removes an item from the player's queue with the given index
Seek - !seek [time] Seeks to a given position in a track
Shuffle - !shuffle Shuffles the player's queue
Skip - !skip Skips the current track
Volume - !volume [amount] Changes the player's volume (0-200)